About Us


7 Nights was birthed out of the desire to advance God's kingdom and reach out to the community. 7 Nights is more than just a lifestyle brand. When you’re a believer of Christ it becomes a part of your DNA. Everyday striving to do better than the previous, waking up reborn, revitalized and grateful for your life.

The motto is "Be The Seed". Our motto is rooted in creating disciples by being the branches; living life with purpose, whether that be acting chivalrously, being kind, or spreading the word. The driving force behind our motto is John 15:5 and I Corinthians 3:6-8.

The goal is to spark conversation by creating artistic, meaningful, thought provoking designs inspired by the Bible.

The purpose behind each design is to encourage and inspire you to express your faith freely in a way that could impact others. 7 Nights is here to create disciples through fashion.


Thanks for stopping by. I’m David Coleman, a man who loves God, my wife and two sons more than words can explain. I've had a love for fashion since I was very young and as I got older, I matured in my walk with Christ. I realized I could merge my two passions by creating meaningful christian clothing apparel that inspires others and sparks conversation. I just want to be the seed and let others water it.

~ Isaiah 55:10-11 ~

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